Recordings of guided meditations

Meditation helps to ease and establish a friendly, compassionate relationship to our bodily  experience, to the emotions, to feelings, thoughts, mind states, as natural currents that continually ebb and flow.  At time with great intensity and times with ease.  


By being in the felt experience and gently becoming familiar with our sensations, emotions.  Meeting these in a way that is organic and at a comfortable pace, there is chance for the release of energies that are held in resistance within the body and nervous system, ease can emerge, our natural state of being.

The body and mind can feel and respond from a place that's curious and willing, not being pressed by immediacy of action and seeking certainty, or being flooded by overwhelming emotions.


We begin to experience ourselves with less impulses and filtering, the mind softens and begins not to be completely at the forefront, driving feelings and emotions.  Space and aliveness become available beyond the busy mind; an aliveness that is wholesome and in contact with itself. The busyness may not dissolve but there is scope for all the turbulence as well as beauty to be held.  

Nature Meditations

Deep Rest

Plant Meditations

Guided Meditation.

The meditation guidance offered is very much bodily orientated, and inspired by nature.  Helping and encouraging us to draw down into the wisdom of the body as a direct sensed experience, while being receptive to the surrounding environment and conditions we find ourselves in.  Primarily to create and empower our own resources, but also for the support of calming the nervous system and to support the movement within our lives and others.