Inner life Journeys, Meditation and Healing

A warm welcome.  Here you will find offerings of Meditation, Inner Life Journeys, shamanic healing and musings, inspired by the sacred relationship between nature and the human mind/body.


My wish in creating this space is to offer these deeply profound practices to reconnect with our innate body and mind bringing healing, a sense of well being and reducing stress.


Inner life walks.

Are guided walks with the intention to discover insight and guidance to an issue that needs focus and clarity.  These walks are held in a supportive context where we will talk and relate to the landscape in relation to the question that we wish to understand.

Inner Life Journeys are also available for longer periods where there is chance to drop further in and uncover our innate resources of power.   


Guided Meditation.

The meditation guidance offered is very much bodily orientated, and inspired by nature.  Helping and encouraging us to draw down into the wisdom of the body as a direct sensed experience, while being receptive to the surrounding environment and conditions we find ourselves in.  Primarily to create and empower our own resources, but also for the support of calming the nervous system and to support the movement within our lives and others.

Inner Life Journeys

Come take a meditative walk and experience the close connection between nature and our inner landscape.  Discovering insights and bringing clarity and focus to questions we seek to resolve.







Resting back into our bodies, melting away any tensions and discovering our own innate wisdom, spaciousness and sense of wholesome living. Following our own unique life, cultivating rhythms that regulate, support and allow our body and mind to soften and feel aliveness.



Trained and qualified in shamanic core practices and eco shamanism.  Kane offers several healing modalities.  These practices include divination, Inner life Journeys, distanced healing, Shamanic journeying, power loss and soul retrieval.