Generosity or Dana is way of giving without any expectation or demand from life. 

Generosity is the seed of life, there are no rules or contracts to giving.  Giving in this way is an opportunity to deconstruct the limited field of demand and expectational forces.

So we can meet fully as we are, with no limitations, no hiding, no disappointments, dissolving the layers that limit our presence to truth as it flows freely, like the dawn chorus or the the rumblings of thunder in the distance, the crystal spring water that flows forth giving continuously.  Form takes shape without any limits or constructed should's or should not's. 

Generosity allow's momentum to flow in all directions beyond the constraining ideas of 'this for that.' So much more springs forth with this trust.  Life opens to life, life receives life,  life becomes life, fresh and clear, rich in all its colour. 


To ask ourselves what feel's right?  What is enough and what gives and meets can be challenging, a challenge that once we begin to feel and trust into will only break the chains of not enoughness and to freedom.   Dana is a chance to step into the stream of creativity and abundance that will feed and flourish our sense of presence and well being, as well as benefiting those around us, way beyond our ideas and imaginings or contractual agreements.


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