About Kane

From an early age Kane has been drawn to the mysteries of nature, a journey that has inspired his curiosity about relationships between humanity, our bodies, states of mind and the living world.

With roots deeply connected to nature, a love of meditation and yoga, has led him to travel around Britain, Europe and India, learning from many teachers and fellow companions along the way.

In 2018 his path would take him along the shaman's way. After training for 15 months, learning Eco Shamanism he qualified as a shamanic practitioner. Integrating core shamanism and deep ecology with ritual, rhythm, seasonal cycles, and healing practices.


Kane has been on a spiritual and emotional journey of self discovery, with the support of community and teachers for over 2 decades, bringing much insight and understanding of trauma recovery, and embodied healing.

His practice includes meditation, creativity, deep listening, self-enquiry, writing and embodied movement.

He has worked with plants for many years as a gardener and organic food grower and has qualified as a Permaculture designer.